Your little sun

After some years on the path, I took the liberty of sending Guru some poems I wrote, expressions of my heart-felt sentiments. At the end of each, I liked to sign: “Your little son, Utsahi," reminding myself at the same time as him that I am his seven-year-old boy and that I have adopted him as my spiritual father.

Furthermore, when I felt that I could, in my own little way, lighten Guru’s load of problems, I would make a little play on words and sign: “Your little sun, Utsahi" with the intention of offering a ray of sunshine to his life of tremendous responsibilities. My heart and soul were inviting me to be a little ray of sun in Guru’s life.

I had gotten into the habit of offering a message of gratitude to Guru every time I left New York. And over time, I had learned that Guru cherished these little notes. One time, I offered a short poem to Guru for Father’s Day. It read like this:

Today and every day, the little son in me
Joyfully bows to the divine Father in you.
Today and every day, the seven-year-old in me
Loves to play the divine game with the eternal son in you.

I expressed my devotion to him, and at the same time the seven-year-old Utsahi candidly wanted to play with him.

What poetry and dreams can do! Approximately a month later, I was once more in New York. At the start of the Sunday afternoon function, Guru asked Paree about a song. She then distributed a sheet of paper to everyone present and taught the audience this new song.

It took me a minute to realize that this was the poem that I had offered to Guru! He had put the words to music and asked for all of the disciples present to sing this song.

Utsahi with Sri Chinmoy - both of them are holding the music to the song

I was shocked to hear one of my little poems transformed into a song by Guru. To this day, I love to sing this song; it gives me a seven-year-old joy!

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