Moments of Eternity: Utsahi's stories

Utsahi, you are a professor of life and a student of the heart. As a student of the heart, you are unique. As a professor of life, you are also unique. As a student of the heart, you are offering your soul’s fragrance to the world at large. As a professor of life, you are sleeplessly and breathlessly learning from the Lord the creation.

Sri Chinmoy

At 40, Utsahi had accomplished many of his earthly dreams. A professor, a family man, he already had lots of opportunity for name and fame.

At the time, Utsahi was practicing yoga to better cope with his stressful life. A spiritual quest, let alone a Guru, were not part of his busy agenda. On the occasion of his 40th birthday, his yoga teacher told him: "This can be a very special turning point in your life. At mid-point in your earthly journey, you now have realized your human goals. Now is a unique opportunity to embark on another challenge: focus on your inner life, and therefore become a spiritual being."

The year was 1986; and this is the time when he first heard about Sri Chinmoy through one of his students. Shortly after having been accepted as his disciple, he went to New York to meet his Guru. This meeting transformed his life; from his given name Nérée, he became Utsahi and from earthly priorities, he gradually aspired to become a spiritual being.

Many of his priorities and aspirations changed as he became focused on his spiritual life, trying to harmonize the life of a professor and the search for his true goals in life. Gradually, he realized the meaning of what his Master told him: "You are a student of the heart and a professor of life."

After nearly thirty years of spiritual practice, Utsahi here presents some of the precious moments of a unique journey, from receiving his name to being lifted, expressed in the form of stories, dreams and poetry. The magnificence and challenges of leading a spiritual life are shown through these moments of eternity.

Utsahi is a professor at the School of Social Work, University of Ottawa. Through his job and the enterprises he owns, he has the opportunity to travel extensively. He has offered lectures and conferences on spirituality in many countries and has been an invited professor in Nepal, India and Australia.

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