The heart and soul of Canada

Not only I but also my Canadian students have done so much for the heart and soul of Canada. My Canadian students have really awakened and illumined the consciousness of Canada. Nobody will believe how much they have helped Canada spiritually.

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Displaying bird drawings in Ottawa

This exhibition was unique, presenting the first 100,000 of Guru’s bird drawings to the public for one month. Those of us who took part will never forget that historical time. Our Centre had rented and renovated a four-story building, and painted it all in the purest white, as if making a special nest for Guru’s birds. And then the 100,000 birds arrived from New York in special transport trucks. To this day, more than 20 years later, when we talk about Sri Chinmoy in Ottawa, some people ask: “Is he the bird man?"

Guru had asked that the building be guarded 24-7, so a group of local boys were scheduled, one night per week, to guard Guru’s birds. Imagine this huge four-story building, after all is closed and doors are locked, and one guard, alone, with all the birds! Those nights, sleep was not an option: we were so energized by all the birds!

While the Ottawa population was in awe of Guru’s birds of Infinity, he was continuing to draw more and more birds, very quickly. Shortly after this initial exhibition of 100,000, he had completed his first one million birds. So, six months after the first grand opening, there was another celebration at this venue, featuring Guru’s latest miraculous artistic achievement.

Exhibition of one million bird drawings in Ottawa

Needless to say, it was most sublime, a unique world-class display of Guru’s original art. And on both occasions, we had an added treat: Guru came to see his birds and visit our Centre.

Canada - A Peace-Blossom Nation

Utsahi speaks at ceremonies marking the dedication of Canada as North America's first Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossom nations. Over 100 nations were dedicated this way in the cause of peace.

Montreal 2000: Guru’s Largest Peace Concert

In the fall of 2000, Guru offered his largest concert ever, in Montreal. It was an incredible event, that had been planned and prepared for, for many months. The poster read: The Concert of a Lifetime. Nineteen thousand people attended!

The morning of the concert, I had a call from our Centre Leader, who asked me to introduce Guru to the audience. What an honour! And what a responsibility!  Throughout the day, I worked on a text, practiced my intonation and tried to be relaxed and in my best consciousness.

Just before the concert, one of the guards called to me and said: “Utsahi, Guru wants to see you." I then entered a large room adjacent to the concert hall, fully decorated with flowers. Guru was meditating in a nice chair. He called me up in front of him and asked: “How are you, Utsahi"? I couldn’t help but think to myself how much consideration Guru had. He’s the one offering the concert and he asks me how I am! I was in seventh Heaven, but simply replied: “Fine, Guru, thank you."

And then he replied: “Do not worry about anything; everything will be fine. When you are ready, you can do the Introduction."

I was so proud to present our Guru to the public. “Ladies and gentlemen, good evening, and welcome to the concert of a lifetime." I could hardly imagine that Guru would be in front of the blinding spotlights for two hours!

And it was the concert of a lifetime!

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