Moments of Eternity

As the reader can see from the anecdotes in this book, my life as a student of Sri Chinmoy is filled with very fond memories. In fact, there are too many such memories for a small book like this! Some lasted for only a few moments, but the memory of them is everlasting.

Recieving prasad from Sri Chinmoy. This was around the time Canada was dedicated as a Peace-Blossom nation; Guru was very happy.

Christmas Trips

I have been fortunate enough to attend quite a few Christmas Trips. It seems to me that all of us who participate in these trips experience, for as long as we are on the Trip, a dream-world. When Guru was still on earth, we were able to be with him for hours, practically all day, if we wanted, because Guru spent almost all his time in the function hall, composing poems, songs, telling stories, etc. During these times, our proximity to Guru was so special.

This is a excerpt from my journal December 25th, 2006: Then Guru looked up, staring at me, for one split second – one glance at my heart and soul! I felt a divine current of energy penetrating me. Through a simple look, he powerfully pierced my heart and soul with gentleness. Softly! In silence! Gratitude, my beloved Guru. Till the last moment, you feed your children.

This was indeed the most powerful experience of my three-week Christmas Trip. This intimate moment between the Master and his devotee was stronger than any divine prayers, silent meditations, singing or evening plays. He blessed my soul! He blessed me in a way that I have never been blessed! Like lightning, his peace, his serenity, his strength – all in the glimpse of an eye!

December 31, 2006: At the end of the last function of the year, Guru was leaving the room. In silence, the disciples present were offering their goodnight wishes to our Guru. My heart was overflowing with gratitude when we started singing the song, “My own gratitude-heart is all that matters." Guru turned around and waved to us, in silence...

So proud

We were in New York for the anniversary of Guru's Jharna-Kala painting in November. Guru asked some boys to perform thirteen of his Jharna Kala songs. I was part of this group of approximately 10 boys. I practiced the songs from morning till night, for two days. Then, in the evening, Guru asked us to perform. As we finished, he was so proud of us that he gave each of us a framed bird with the inscription: “I am so proud of my boy Jharna-Kala singers." Needless to say, I dearly cherish this gift from Guru’s hands.

This anecdote demonstrates Guru’s constant heart of gratitude. You offered him your effort: he responded a thousand-fold.

“Your Guru’s love is unconditional!"

One weekend, my daughter, then aged 17, accompanied me, along with one of her friends, to New York. We travelled in the same car, but our agendas were different: they wanted to see, for the first time, the Big Apple and I wanted to be with Guru. It just happened that that Friday night was seeker’s meditation, at PS 86. I mentioned it to them and after their day in Manhattan, they decided to come.

When Guru invited the girls to come and meditate in front of him, her friend went, but my daughter did not want to go. Disciples around her were encouraging her to receive Guru’s blessings, but they did not know her! They insisted; negative results!

Then, when prasad time came, Guru asked me: Where is your daughter? I told him she was sitting with me. Then he replied: “Tell her I would like to meet her." She accepted and when we both were in front of Guru, he smiled at her and offered her a rose. Not one word! After the function, she observed: “Your disciple friends are insistent but your Guru’s love is unconditional." Guru’s silence-smile and one rose made all the difference.

Creation of Sri Chinmoy’s Websites

I was in New York for a few weeks at around the turn of the new century when I was asked to be part of a special project for Guru. Although Guru did not like the Internet very much, now he had decided to establish an active, positive presence on the Web. He asked one disciple to coordinate the project of creating the Sri Chinmoy website, and to do it quickly. I was asked to help in the initial phases of this project. There were ten of us working frantically, every day, on some sections of what eventually evolved into many different Web sites and Web pages. Some were on sports, some on Guru’s writings, some on arts, others on songs.

Every day, we received so many blessings for being part of this demanding project. I worked mostly on Guru’s lectures, speeches and other literature. We hardly had any document that was digitalized then, and no scanner; so in many cases we had to re-type them all. Lots of work by dedicated disciples, working hard, every day - and then the moment of launching the site arrived. We were all so proud and excited at being part of this project.

At some point in the process, a photo was taken of the initial team of pioneers, and when it was presented to Guru, he ordered ten large copies to be made and wrote “Guru" on the third eye of each person. To this day, I cherish these moments and this photo offered to us by our dearest Guru. Now that I see how the sites have evolved, and how Guru’s presence is so prominent on the Internet, I can’t help but be proud to have participated, in some humble way, in the initial stages of this colossal project.

My Utsahi

In June 2001, we were in Oslo for a week to celebrate the unveiling of the Peace Flame. It was a very beautiful monument of peace and there was a week of meditation associated with it! Among the multifarious activities, there was a book launch in one of the city’s largest bookstores. Guru was there, signing his books. Many people from the public came, and Guru took time to write a special word to everyone. Disciples were invited to have books autographed if they wanted to. Naturally, there was a line-up.

Another boy and I were there, close to Guru. I had my camera and took a few shots. Time was flying, and Guru had been sitting there for many hours by then, and I felt that he must have been tired. I was debating, trying to decide if I would go or not: This is a unique opportunity, my little voice would say... Guru is very tired; don’t add to his load, another voice would respond. And I was in the middle, debating whether or not I should approach Guru.

Finally, the other boy and I decided to go. But by then, there were no English books left, so I chose a Norwegian book entitled Fredselskerens Visdoms Kilde. On the first page, Guru wrote: "My Utsahi - My infinite Love, Joy and Gratitude. Guru, June 15th, 2001" and added four beautiful birds.

Sri Chinmoy signing the book for Utsahi


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