A spiritual name is the name of our soul, and what we can become

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This was November 6, 1977. I was told the day before that Guru was going to give me my spiritual name. Guru was playing tennis at the school there, at the Jamaica High School track.

When he finished, he sat down and called “Lincoln” to come over. That was the last time he used my outer name. I kneeled down in front of him. As you might imagine, it was very emotional, very emotional.

He put his hand on my head and spoke the name. Then he gave an explanation as well. He described what and who Nayak is, what my soul is. I’ll just read briefly. Guru started: “With my heart's soulful love and my life's blessingful gratitude, I offer you your soul's name.”  

He said a few more things and then he said the name: “Nayak, Nayak.” Then he gave the meaning. I’ll just read the first part: “Nayak is the one who leads, guides, illumines, and fulfils the seeker divine.”  

You have to remember that this is the name of the soul, and the outer aspects are trying to become like that. That is the name of the soul, and that's what we can become. Of course, where we are now is not there yet.

My spirituality's present name.

My spirituality's future name.

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