'When you perform for me, always choose devotional songs.'

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Gunthita (seen here with guitar) is the leader of the Mountain Silence singing group, which has been performing Sri Chinmoy's music for over 30 years

When we performed in New York for Guru with Mountain-Silence, we played three songs as always. We liked these songs very much. After some other people performed, Guru called for me and talked to me.

He said, “Gunthita, not even one of the three songs performed were devotional. Please, please, in the future, when you perform for me, always choose devotional songs.”

Then he said, "When you give concerts and you play with devotion, then the people will receive." Guru said, "They will receive something from me." Guru meant from him and from our souls. He said that the only and most important thing is to play with devotion. The songs don't have to be slow or fast, but the devotion is the most important thing.


Guru suggested, "Why don't you play Christ songs? They are always devotional."

A few days later at the Celebrations, Guru told me, "Gunthita, I am giving your group another chance. Tomorrow morning at 11, you can perform for me."

That morning, we were practising and practising. We prepared seven songs just in case there was more than one performance. We chose Christ songs and only songs which we knew from the translation were very devotional.

Mountain Silence perform 'Jishu Kristo' by Sri Chinmoy

Then we sat with no audience, just Guru. We performed just for Guru at the front of Aspiration-Ground. At that time, it was not yet the temple. It was just a small little house.

We played one song and another song and another song. Guru meditated and meditated. He said, "One more, one more." Exactly up to seven songs. And then Guru bowed.

Mountain-Silence perform 'Blessed are the pure in heart...' taken from the famous words of the Saviour Christ.

Later on in his house, Guru said that when we performed for him, "I was very moved, I was very moved."

Sri Chinmoy talks about which kinds of music help us and hinder us in our spiritual life

We meditate on the Christ.
We repeat his name countless times.
Without the Christ-consciousness
Our life is totally lost.
Christ is for all.
He is our divinity’s Son
And humanity’s Father.

Sri Chinmoy 1